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社会貢献活動 と サステナビリティ
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The word "Sana" in the name of Sanatech Life Science means "health" in Latin.
We are in the business of making people healthier with our products.

With the aging rate of the Japanese population predicted to rise to over 30% by 2030, social issues relating to agriculture and health are becoming increasingly apparent, such as the rise in lifestyle-related diseases and the shortage of agricultural workers.

As a new seed development company, Sanatech Life Science will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by engaging in activities that contribute to the resolution of social issues in the fields of health and agriculture, as well as educational support activities, "For tomorrow's children and the Earth".

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1.Educational support

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As a university-oriented start-up company, in order to fulfill our social contribution to education, we will provide seedlings and materials free of charge to elementary schools and other educational sites that wish to receive them.

These schools will be able to use the seedlings and materials for science, food and agriculture education.

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2.Health promotion support

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The Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomato, created by new gene editing technology is rich in functional ingredients that contribute to good health.
4,000 home garden seedling monitors experienced the fun of growing these tomatoes, as well as the health benefits of eating them, during the summer of 2021.Growing tomatoes with high functional content is a great way to improve mental and physical health through horticultural therapy. We are happy to provide seedlings of the Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomato to any school, day care center, or educational center that is interested. Currently, we can only provide this experience within Japan, but we are open to considering overseas collaboration opportunities as well.

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3.Agricultural Welfare Cooperation Support

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We are considering donating the sales of Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomatoes and giving priority to contracting with farmers who are making efforts to support agricultural and welfare cooperation.

Created using a cutting edge gene editing technology, the Sicilian Rouge High GABA tomato has high brand value and and we are currently launching a project that will contribute to achieving the SDG goal of "Both job satisfaction and economic growth”.

*What is Agricultural Welfare Cooperation?
It is an initiative to help people with disabilities participate in society with confidence and a sense of purpose through their activities in the agricultural sector.
By engaging in agricultural-facility cooperation, it not only creates opportunities for people with disabilities to work and create a sense of purpose in their lives, but also has the potential to secure new workers in the agricultural sector, which is facing a shortage of workers and an aging population. (From the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website)