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    Our company produces and sells seeds that have undergone selective breeding through the use of gene editing.

    Our first product will be tomatoes with 4-5 times the usual GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) content. Increased GABA content in foods is known to lower blood pressure, so these high-GABA tomatoes can be called ”heart-healthy tomatoes.” We are planning a test market in 2021, and we expect to have the world’s first high GABA tomato variety created with CRISPR gene editing available in stores late next year. High GABA tomato was developed by Dr. Hiroshi Ezura and his team from the University of Tsukuba using CRISPR gene editing to introduce a targeted change in a tomato’s gene associated with GABA production. This approach to increase GABA content can be repeated in other tomato varieties as well as other crops for a larger public benefit.

    We will continue to improve tomatoes and other crops to be healthier and more useful for people.



    The purpose of the Company 

    (1)    Development, production and sales of seeds and crops based on gene editing and other advanced breeding techniques.

    (2)    Development, manufacturing and processing of agricultural preserved food products.

    (3)    Mail order and door-to-door sales.

    (4) Contract research and development, regulatory compliance, and commercialization of seeds, crops, and food products using gene editing and other advanced breeding technologies

    (5)    All other business incidental or related to the above.

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  • plants sanatech seed

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