Gene-edited high GABA tomatoes has completed the process of the Philippine Department of Agriculture

In accordance with Memorandum Circular No. 08 Series of 2022, which sets out the rules and procedures for the evaluation of novel plant breeding technologies of the Philippine Department of Agriculture, Sanatech Seed Co., Ltd. requested a confirmation from the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) and received the certificate letter that BPI does not consider our gene-edited HIGH GABA tomato line to be regulated pursuant to JDC1, that is the Circular establishing regulatory policies for genetically modified plants and plant products.


This is the second case in the Philippines, following the browning-suppressed banana, in which a plant using genome-editing technology was exempted from the regulation, and the first one developed by a Japanese company.


Sanatech Seed are developing foods with improved nutrition and quality under our vision, “For Tomorrow’s Children and the Earth”. As a global company, we will continue to work diligently to commercialize genome-edited crops in line with our corporate philosophy.


For more information, please visit the PBI public pages: